To Anyone Who's Convinced Becoming Wealthy Is "Too Good To Be True..."

NEW: How To Become Wealthy
Using A Simple Mind Hack That
"Forces" You To Think Like A Millionaire

Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll Show You How This Controversial Full Immersion System Turns Regular People Into Millionaires With Shocking Speed And Incredible Ease, Even If You've Struggled In The Past

From Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of The Secret
Author of 30+ Books On Wealth And Abundance


Imagine for a second:

Suddenly there's a knock on your door. You're not expecting anyone.

You're already running around a little frantic, dealing with the day's stresses. A stranger wanting your time... and who knows what else... is the last distraction you need.

You open the door.

To your surprise, you find two men in slick suits and pressed shirts, standing very official, staring back at you.

"Please come with us."

Either you just won the lottery, or it's the government coming to take you away. You swore you were going to deal with today.

"Why?" you ask.

The man on the right hands you a piece of paper.

"Joe Vitale wants to meet with you. He's agreed to let you clone his millionaire's mind and implant it directly into yours."

That's not what you were expecting.

"Please pack an overnight bag, and we'll return you tomorrow with your reprogramming complete."

You pause, not sure what to do next.

"I don't understand. What are you talking about?"

"We're going to wipe your failures and mental baggage clean, and give you a mind equipped to make money"

You laugh.

Your dreaming an odd dream tonight. But like most dreams, you go along with it.

Bag packed, you follow the men to their fancy ride that matches their fancy suits, and drive off.

As you pull up to the lab, I'm waiting for you outside.

"My name is Joe Vitale, and I'm glad you decided to come." We exchange a smile, shake hands, and walk inside.

As you're getting connected to the strange-looking mind machine, I say to you:

"Here's what comes next."

"We are going to reprogram critical parts of your mind using my mind's blueprint, the same mind I've used to build my own fortune, overcome immense odds, and live an abundant life of my own design.

"You'll have the mental power to create wealth any way you wish.

"You'll have the intuitive eye to see opportunity and claim it for yourself.

"You'll have the emotional intelligence to act profitably without letting your life control you.

"You'll have the spiritual strength that will guide you with purpose and abundance.

"In other words, you'll have everything I use to create fulfilling wealth every day... at your disposal.

"No more old baggage holding you back. No more self sabotage. No more stress from not knowing how to prosper. No more digging yourself out of financial holes...

"Wealth awaits you...

"Trust me, you'll like it." I smile once again.

You close your eyes, and off you go...

The next day, you return home. Something's changed...

You walk in the door, put your bag down, and take a moment to digest it all.

All the struggles and challenges of your life are still waiting for you to return. They haven't disappeared.

Your bank account is still dwindling. You've still got the bills...

But they're not threatening anymore.

It's like you know exactly what you need to do to cleanse your life of their weight.

You feel abundance at your fingertips.

You look at the dusty notebook where your master plan for making your fortune has been sitting quietly, staring you down for months.

You pick it up, dust it off, give it a quick read over, and see what you'd been missing: how to make it actually work.

The quiet confidence and conviction you're feeling... feels so good...

You jump in.

You smile. Wealth is finally coming to you...

There's a simple reason I'm painting you this picture.

It's not to torture you.

It's true, transforming your mind into the millionaire mind is probably not going to happen in our lifetimes.

But what if I could come close?

What if there was actually a way... today... to reprogram the critical parts of your conscious and subconscious mind to adopt my own millionaire mind... giving you the exact mental tools you need to finally create wealth?

What if I could give you the same mental, intuitive, spiritual, and emotional tools that are equipped in the minds of our society's most successful individuals?

Instead of an overnight miracle, what if I could help you reprogram your mind for wealth a little at a time, every day, until it's all yours?

And what if each passing day, you saw tangible changes in your wealth mind that would make an impact... little by little.

And what if I took away all the risk?

What if I could guarantee it would work?

Would you say yes?

At this point, I'd imagine you're saying... "Joe, are YOU dreaming?"

I wouldn't blame you.

Up until now, it has only been a dream.

But, in the age of "printing" organs and nanotechnology, there are advancements that make the impossible truly possible.

Still seems a bit too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, as you closely analyze the rest of this letter, you'll begin to see how reprogramming your mind with my own mind's millionaire blueprint might not be as far-fetched as you think.

And I'll prove it to you.

A thought will creep into your head...

"This might be the answer I've been looking for."

It is.

But first...

Here's why you'd say no.

Why can some people simply snap their fingers and wealth just miraculously appears?

Why are you, who has a true desire for financial freedom, always falling short?

Why are some people so lucky, and you're not?

Are you cursed?

You're not cursed. But you are conditioned. You're conditioned to constantly fail.

And that conditioning travels all the way down into your brain's cellular memory.

Go there, and you'll find the source of all the reasons you haven't succeeded yet... all the reasons you'd say no:

  • Any struggle or failure with money has been etched into your subconscious mind, creating a block that won't vanish, no matter how hard you try
  • The more you struggle and fail, the deeper this cellular block becomes, making a positive "reversal" a real challenge
  • As this "money block" strengthens, your insecurities deepen, and self-sabotage becomes king. Inaction, lack of motivation, doubt, and stress... have plenty room to grow
  • As a result, you will often reject any opportunity for wealth, even if your conscious mind screams yes. Your subconscious mind is simply more powerful.

You would say no, because even if I handed you my millionaire mind for you to have, there's something deep within you that believes... you'd still fail.

Now, a lot of people talk about the power of the subconscious mind.

A lot of people talk about how to change your subconscious mind's patterns and blocks.

In fact, it is a topic I mention constantly at seminars and in my books.

All of what I just told you, you might already know.

Yet, you're still struggling. Your subconscious mind is still running the show.

And, deep down, all you want to do is scream "YES! MAKE ME WEALTHY!"

So how do you turn a "no" into a "yes"?

How to turn a "no" into a "yes"
(or "how a failure becomes a success")

The answer is actually quite simple and straightforward.

You already understand it in other contexts.

But, until now, it took a lot of time, money, and effort to make it work.

What is it?


You put your conscious and subconscious mind into a place where it has no choice but to change.

It will fight back (it always does).

But it can't win.

It's the one "fatal flaw" that can wipe away even the most stubborn blocks holding you back... allowing the true millionaire mind to emerge.

And it's actually quite fun...

The answer is FULL IMMERSION

It's a common story.

Someone decides they want to live in Japan for a year.

They don't speak a lick of Japanese.

And when they arrived, they were probably very intimidated with the task of learning the language.

They probably felt they weren't up to the task.

They probably fixated on their failures in the past.

They probably experienced extreme doubt.

In other words, their conscious and subconscious mind was wreaking havoc on them.

And yet, at the end of that year, they're speaking nearly fluent Japanese.


It's a basic survival instinct.

It's sink or swim.

And in those moments, our minds can accomplish incredible feats.

Makes sense, right?

So how does this apply to you, and your desire to actually achieve wealth?

Fully immerse yourself in my millionaire mind and FORCE your mind to say yes. It can't say no.

In theory, it makes sense, right?

After all, from the language immersion mentioned above, to army bootcamp...

... even the prestigious Cornell University has a mandated full immersion business training.

It works.

But how does that work for you... right here, right now, on your path to wealth?

I'll introduce you to the "man behind the curtain" who makes this magic happen... along with all the specific details in a moment.

But first, let me tell you why my particular millionaire mind is a perfect fit for you.

It's not ego.

It's not just my present wealth and fulfillment (yes, that's key)

It's also my past... and how I finally achieved wealth after years of struggle.

In other words, every ounce of my being understands where you are today.

And that's why my mind... overcoming obstacles similar to yours... is uniquely perfect for you today.

I think you'll relate...

My own homemade "full immersion" was my ticket out of years of struggle

Travel with me a moment back to my early life before I had attained an ounce of wealth or success.

Before I was a star of "The Secret."

Before I had written my 30+ books on wealth and abundance.

Before I was interviewed on Larry King Live.

As a young man, I had dreams of becoming a writer and making an impact.

But I struggled, and struggled hard.

Years of true poverty. I dug ditches, laid down railroad tracks, did hard labor for big oil companies. Barely scraping by.

I remember the days I would sleep on the steps of a post office in Dallas, waiting for checks that usually never came.

I had a poverty mindset.

And I couldn't break from it.

I remember crying because I was so frustrated with my life and my struggles.

So how did I finally get out?

A library card, a little bit of persistence I managed to scrounge up from the last ounces of hope I had...

...and a life-changing lesson one man taught me

"What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. "

Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich" was the clincher.

In fact, it's the book that inspired the Law of Attraction.

And it was written as an assignment Hill was given by the great billionaire Andrew Carnegie.

Carnegie believed the law of success was just that... a law. He wanted Hill to spell it out.

And Hill summed it up:

"What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

The message?

See it. Believe it. Do it.


Full immersion.

But unlike the full immersion I'm offering you today, my "full immersion" was hours and hours at the library, reading every book on success I could find.

Yet, persistence paid off.

I read so many secrets of millionaires, so many of the greatest personal success principles reigning to this day, that slowly, my poverty mindset began to crumble.

My homemade full immersion gave me practical tools, emotional strength, killer instincts, and spiritual power.

But it took a lot of time and effort. A LOT of time. And a LOT of effort.

I kept that library card for many years as a reminder.

I had it in my wallet the day I stepped into the BMW Z3 (James Bond's car) that I had set as my unwavering goal.

That first experience of resounding success got me hooked.

And I've never looked back.

After 30 years of prosperity and building wealth, I have learned more about the holistic approach to wealth than most people alive.

I'm not the richest man.

But I am a millionaire.

I'm living my life on my terms.

And I wake up every day, happy, ready for the adventures I've chosen to experience.

That's more than a lot of millionaires can claim.

I now know, without a shadow of doubt, that anything I conceive, I already have the belief, and I will achieve it.

And I do.

Now, I want to pass the torch to you.

And here's how I'm going to do it.

The man, who devoted his life to Full Immersion Mental Reprogramming, can give you my own millionaire mind, piece by piece...

This man is no hack. No quack.

He is a man of science. A man of tangible results. Of study and research.

He holds a masters in Cognitive Psychology and a PhD in Education.

He is considered the world's foremost expert on Hypnotherapy with 25 years of hands-on experience..

He is a master at Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

He's a best-selling author.

He is cutting-edge.

And people love him for it.

I love him for it.

His name is Dr. Steve G. Jones.

And it's because of him that I can take that dreamy, science-fiction story I told you at the beginning, and make it real in our modern world.

Today, he's going to give you a chance to implant my millionaire's mind, with its strategies in overcoming, abundance, wealth attraction, and success... directly into your mind.

He's going to give you a chance to tame the wild beast of your subconscious mind, break the shackles of your past failures and metal blocks, and give you hope.

Real hope that translates to real wealth.

It's time to dig in. It's time to pull back the curtain.

It's time to show you what Full Immersion Wealth Reprogramming looks like in action.

Introducing Wealth Trigger 360: The only program in existence that can promise you the millionaire mind... and actually deliver, guaranteed.

So how is this going to work?

How do these bold claims become reality?

First, like all examples of full immersion, you're going to be immersed in my millionaire mind's wealth principles morning, noon, and night... all day exposure.

And to do this, Dr. Steve's using 7 core protocols embedded in the 18 immersion reprogramming home sessions you'll do for 30 days.

So let's take a look at what's in each protocol behind the full immersion reprogramming.

With the expertise of Dr. Steve, we've created a system that you can easily follow every day you train to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind... even as you're working on other tasks.

Here's what it looks like


Protocol One:

The 4 Pillars Of The Millionaire Mind

If we want to implant my millionaire mind into your mind, we first need to outline and codify what makes up Joe's mind. What is it that's allowed me to achieve my fulfillment, success, and wealth?

I've been writing, talking, and teaching for over 30 years, so distilling this was not hard.

There are 4 pillars to the millionaire mind: The mental millionaire, the intuitive millionaire, the spiritual millionaire, and the emotional millionaire.

These function as a whole.

And every millionaire and billionaire that you would want to be like has their own version of these four pillars.

Let's look closer:

As the Mental Millionaire, you can:

  • Take any business or blueprint and actually transform it into money in the bank
  • Know how to choose the right business opportunity or transform any idea into a money-maker
  • See any potential threats to your wealth-building a mile away, and adjust course to avoid any collisions
  • Transform obstacles into opportunities for profit
  • Make the right decisions when the moment demands it
  • See money where others would miss it
  • Develop strategic relationships where everyone walks away wealthier
  • Know when you should say "yes" ... and must say "no"
  • Leverage your wealth powers within you... and strategic opportunities outside you... to double or even triple your profits

As the Intuitive Millionaire, you can:

  • Know the right decision without a conscious thought
  • Master any threat that suddenly appears before you
  • Channel the unconscious decision machine that often knows the right path to wealth when the conscious mind is overwhelmed by the options
  • Build lucrative relationships by knowing what to say and when to say it
  • Move quickly and decisively when you don't have the luxury of time
  • Sense a dangerous wealth-threatening situation before it arrives

As the Spiritual Millionaire:

  • You are driven by a purpose that can keep guiding you to wealth... even when the other parts of you are struggling
  • You know how to use manifestation as a practical component to financial success
  • You know how to harness the Law of Attraction to deliver new levels of wealth in ways most cannot fathom
  • You are guided by passion which magnifies your profit
  • You are unshakable in your internal drive for meaningful success
  • You are immune to any of the ways money can turn against you
  • You are full of compassion and empathy for anyone you deal with (a secret to unstoppable relationships)
  • You amplify the power of your intuition, the strength of your emotions, and the might of your mind to push faster towards financial freedom
  • You find fulfillment in wealth that can last a lifetime

As the Emotional Millionaire, you can:

  • Channel strength and conviction to drive you to your dreams
  • Deflect the common emotional pitfalls that trap most entrepreneurs
  • Banish fear and doubt before they get their hooks in you
  • Feel the sweet freedom of your unending passion to achieve
  • Free your unconscious mind of the old baggage and blocks that hold your success hostage
  • Focus your desire to create consistent action and unending motivation
  • React to challenges without losing your clarity and drive
  • Auto-correct your course when you're knocked off balance
  • Embrace wealth when you might have feared it

Can you imagine yourself commanding these traits?

This is what I have, and this is what you'll have.

Now, let's look at the protocols that make that happen:

Protocol Two:

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a powerhouse. It is a remarkable discovery used by governments, law enforcement, therapists, and speakers to access the deepest parts of a person's subconscious mind.

Through extensive research, researchers identified specific, targeted language patterns that can be used to bypass the conscious mind's barriers.

These are the barriers that can block the conscious and subconscious parts of your brain from evolving and changing in a positive way.

Dr. Steve took the four pillars of the millionaire I laid out for him, and expertly expanded the language using NLP so your mind will be more open to adapt and use these wealth-building tools... even if your subconscious or conscious mind tries to stop it.

Protocol Three:

Focal Meditations

The easiest mind to reprogram is the relaxed mind.

With the everyday stresses you likely have on your plate, it's important that we pull your head away from your stress and get it focused and relaxed, ready to go.

While relaxing meditations yield surprising benefits by themselves, the type of guided meditation used in Wealth Trigger 360 has one goal: guide you gently into the prime mental space needed for optimal full immersion.

When fused with the other protocols, this focal meditation process works its magic even when traditional guided meditations might have failed you in the path.

The result? A relaxed body and mind ready to jump into the full immersion experience.

Protocol Four:

Affirmative Repetition

Ever have a catchy song or melody stuck in your head... even if it drives you crazy?

This is a mild example of the power of repetition.

Language immersion functions in the same way.

Persistent exposure to the same words, the same phrases, and the same contexts automatically rewires your brain and implants a new language into your mind, without you trying.

The wealth secrets buried in the millionaire mind are their own form of language.

And the Affirmative Repetition process is one of the critical tools to making your wealth reprogramming stick in your mind... and stay. Just like the catchy song you can't get out of yoru head, even if you tried.

Enhanced with the other protocols, the results are tangible, undeniable:

As you move about your day, you will hear the same wealth principles on repeat, over and over again.

And your mind, especially your subconscious barriers, will be unable to stop them.

Protocol Five:

Hypnotic Reprogramming

True masters of hypnotherapy, NLP, and reprogramming have discovered a simple truth: no matter how different we all are individually, the path in and out of the all-powerful subconscious is the same in all of us.

And if you know how someone follows this path to subconscious shackles, you can find out how to turn them around and take them out to a cleaned-out subconscious.

There are five steps to the hypnotic reprogramming process:

1. Induction: This is the beginning of the audio reprogramming sequence that uses simple subconscious instructions to prepare your mind for the reprogramming process

2. Deepening: This section uses advanced hypnotic and NLP suggestions to bring your conscious mind to a standstill and opens access to your subconscious mind

3. Reprogramming: This is the meat of the transformational process. This is where specific ideas, habits, techniques, knowledge, and perspectives you want to program into your mind are implanted directly into your receptive subconscious mind (your conscious mind cannot interfere)

4. Amnesia: This uses simple hypnotic language to erase any chance your ind tries to remember what it received. Our minds are powerful beasts... and they try hard to break into our experiences and "debunk" it all. Through the Amnesia process, your conscious mind will never have access

5. Trance Termination: At the very end, you are safely guided out of the reprogramming trance and reintegrated with your conscious mind.

Protocol Six:

Brain Entrainment

If you look at a spiraling cloud formation, you'll notice that smaller cloud formations will adjust their speed and rotation to match the larger, stronger storm.

When women live together, it is common that their menstrual cycles will begin starting and ending on the same days.

A more subtle example is when you're in an intense conversation with someone else, and somehow you say the exact same thing and the same time.

This is a form of entrainment.

Now, when modern scientists began researching entrainment and the brain, they discovered something spectacular...

Our brains are running at different electromagnetic frequencies.

These frequencies, measured in hertz (Hz), correspond to every single state your brain functions in.

So, for example, when we're in a deep sleep, our brains are vibrating at very low Hz (the Delta frequency range).

When our brains are in an expansive creative state, they are vibrating in the Alpha frequency range.

When our brains are hyperactive, focused, and on point, they are vibrating in the Beta frequency range.

Now here's where it gets cool...

Let's say you wanted to be in a sharp, focused, and active state of mind found when your brain is vibrating in the Beta frequency range.

The easiest way to get there is actually using the principle of brain entrainment

If you listen to specially formulated sound frequencies (binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc.), your brain entrains itself to that frequency.

In other words, your brain can't help but shift to the frequency you're listening to...

... and voila! You are now in the sharp, focused, and active state of mind you were seeking.

How does this relate to your mental reprogramming on the path to becoming the 360-Degree Millionaire?


Inside the hypnotic reprogramming audios Dr. Steve created, he uses different types of brain entrainment frequencies to literally force your brain to enter the optimal state for subconscious reprogramming.

In other words, even if you fought tooth and nail to resist the hypnotic deepening... even if you think you're incapable of hypnotic transformation (not true, by the way), the science of brain entrainment will take you there.

Protocol Seven:

Solfeggio Tuning

Recent discoveries in brain entrainment research have uncovered a series of six very low brainwave frequencies that are simply more potent than others.

The Solfeggio frequencies have their roots in the study of medieval monks.

However, modern research has found out exactly how they're so effective.

Take a look at the image below:

Do you see the perfect symmetry?

This is what happens to water molecules when exposed to the Solfeggio frequencies.

Complex symmetry... a union of all the molecules to form a harmonious whole. Imagine what would happen in your brain...

Research has shown that these six ancient frequencies have six unique effects across the board. Specifically:

396 Hz - aids in the process of liberating you from the tremendous burden of guilt and fear

417 Hz - allows you to heighten your mind's ability to undo damaging situations and facilitate conscious and subconscious change

528 Hz - is quite mysterious, but has shown to facilitate the process of whole-being transformation and even stimulating DNA repair

639 Hz - heightens your ability to build deep, meaningful, and advantageous relationships with others. It is the social frequency

741 Hz - can open up emotionally closed or blocked individuals, liberating their vital ability to express themselves

852 Hz - has shown results in giving you greater access to spiritual experience and transformation

So while the hard science of hypnotic reprogramming has proven itself again and again to give you unbelievable results... the addition of targeted brain entrainment, in addition to the solfeggio frequencies, dramatically amplifies your transformation.

Reprogramming Session One:

Morning Immersion Activation

Using wealth scripts amplified with Neurolinguistic Programming and Brain Entrainment with Solfeggio Frequencies, the start to your day's full immersion involves a specifically designed script that takes the core of my millionaire mind and implants it into you.

The morning sets the tone for your entire day.

It also sets the tone for how well your mind will work.

Using simple calming techniques along with specially-designed brain entrainment, this morning audio session will calm your mind, relax your body, and begin the process of wealth recalibration.

You will begin hearing my wealth principles in a way both your conscious and subconscious mind will begin to digest.

And while this on its own can have positive results, the primary goal is to "set the tone" for your body and mind throughout the rest of the day's Full Immersion Wealth Reprogramming.


  • 4 Pillars of the Millionaire Mind
  • Focal Meditation
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Brain Entrainment
  • Solfeggio Tuning

Reprogramming Session Two:

Daytime thought Immersion

The daytime training takes the same reprogramming script from the morning session and adapts it so you can listen to it throughout the day, even while you're doing other tasks.

In fact, every moment you can, you should have these playing in headphones or on speakers.

You don't have to pay attention for it to work. It seeps into your subconscious mind

Instead of just simple "do this, do that... think this, think that" training, this script is fused with elements like Neurolinguistic Programming to access and rewire both your subconscious and conscious mind.

You will be hearing the training over and over again... so part of your conscious mind will absorb the teachings at the same time your subconscious mind is listening without you even realizing.

This subconscious reprogramming is especially potent as you are focusing on other tasks.

You might not think you're listening.

However, science has proven that just hearing these wealth principles, even without focusing on them, will strongly embed these critical components to wealth in your mind where it counts.


  • 4 Pillars of the Millionaire Mind
  • Affirmative Repetition
  • Neurolinguistic Programming

Reprogramming Session Three:

Nighttime Subliminal Immersion


During the morning and the day sessions of the Full Immersion Wealth Reprogramming, both your conscious and subconscious mind are soaking in these money-making techniques and principles at every moment.

But the secret lies in this hypnotic "setting" process.

Think of it like Crazy Glue.

As soon as you attach two objects with the glue, they begin to stick.

But it's the setting process that solidifies and makes the bond rock solid.

This hypnotic reprogramming does the same thing.

And research from universities like Stanford... plus thousands of success stories... prove it works.

You will put on these uniquely formulated self-hypnosis sessions right as you're going to bed.

You will be taken into a trance where the same principles you were digesting during the morning and daytime, are implanted deep within your subconscious mind so they don't escape.

It "sets" these critical wealth principles deep into your mind... and you wake up the next day changed.


  • 4 Pillars of the Millionaire Mind
  • Hypnotic Reprogramming
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Brain Entrainment
  • Solfeggio Tuning


You make disastrous money and business decisions
You wield an almost "psychic" power to make decisions that bring wealth and longevity to any situation
You are paralyzed by fear and doubt, unable to move forward
You are empowered with confidence and conviction at all times
You struggle to take consistent action and go the distance
You take winning steps to achieve your dreams... without "tricking" yourself into defeat
You are the unofficial master of self sabotage
You never again fall for the subconscious traps that hold you and your wealth hostage
You struggle to know what business opportunities to choose
You know exactly what will bring you the most money... without breaking a sweat
You throw around money like you're rich (when you're not)
You're consistently smart about your money... knowing how, when, and where to use it
You panic when you need to make an important business or money decision
You easily hold a quiet confidence in every decision you make
You are somehow surrounded by doubters, and non-supporters
You know how to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will aid you on your path to limitless wealth
You're unable to picture yourself as a wealthy individual (critical)
You know exactly what the millionaire you will look like
You habitually jump on the wrong bandwagon out of desperation
You easily avoid dangers and pitfalls that can hold your wealth hostage
You constantly seek advice and direction when you feel trapped
You know how to find the RIGHT advice at the RIGHT time to solve any problem at hand
You feel as if your desire for wealth has someone how imprisoned you and your happiness
You bask in the sight of limitless wealth on the horizon, unable to contain your excitement
You've never tasted lasting financial success
You could easily take financial success for granted (you won't)
You never take advantage of the right opportunities staring you in the face
You never miss an opportunity that could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line
You have a poor, or worse, no reputation
You become respected by your peers for your ability to create success at will
You have no idea how to get from where you are today to the wealthy individual you desire to become
You see a clear roadmap laid out in front of you guiding you step-by-step
You're constantly struggling to get by
You can finally erase the stress of financial struggle for good
You always feel you're behind the times... playing catch up when others are succeeding
You're on the cutting edge, easily spotting new and lucrative opportunities before you
You're stuck feeling down and depressed by your lack of success
You quietly reminisce about your days of financial struggle
You're full of emotional and subconscious of hangups, blocks, and money blindness
You have a mind free and clear of the mental blocks that sabotage wealth at every turn
You can't attract money... no matter how hard you try... no matter how many times you watch The Secret
You are a an effortless master of the Law of Attraction, using it as a trustworthy ally

You must make two decisions today.

Today, I'm giving you something that is as close to the "magic pill" as I've ever offered before.

In many ways, we really are doing all the transformational work for you.

You really only have to press play to start seeing changes.

But that won't make you wealthy overnight.

There are two critical decisions you still must make.

First, you must jump into action once the reprogramming is complete.

You must commit to using your new millionaire mind.

You must wield your new power.

And if you won't... if you really are just looking for "completely done for you," this is not the right place for you.

But, if you commit... if you promise me that you'll use your new powers as soon as they appear, I welcome you with open arms.

There's a thrilling future ahead of you.

But there's one more decision you must make.

You must decide to say yes today.

I've painted the picture, I've laid out the details, and I've proven the point.

Now it's your turn.

So let me make it easy.

I'm offering you immense opportunity today. Opportunity I wish I had when I was climbing the ladder to fortune.

But I'm also giving you immense value.

Let me put it in perspective:

This entire full immersion reprogramming comes with 18 reprogramming sessions you do from home.

On his own, Dr. Steve offers just ONE of his different high-caliber reprogramming sessions for $219.95.

That means, for 18 reprogramming sessions, you would invest $3959.10 to get the full transforming experience.

On top of that... I'm giving you my millionaire mind's blueprint. How much do you think that's worth?

Well, I've never offered that before. So there's no "price" I can put on it. However, Individuals have paid me $20,000 for one day of my time.

In other words, I'm offering you tens of thousands of dollars in tangible value (and what's tens of thousands of dollars when you'll now be equipped to make millions?)

So what's your investment today?

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BONUS: The interview that blew MY mind: One-on-one with self-made billionaire, Bill Bartmann

I've been doing interviews for years now, but sometimes I get to interview someone who blows my mind – who inspires me beyond all others.

That's what happened with Bill Bartmann.

You'll get to listen as I interview Bill Bartmann, a self-made billionaire.

How do you go from being a fourteen year old boy on the streets to billionaire?

That's one of the questions I asked Bill. And his answer inspires and informs in a new way that will touch your heart and rouse your spirit.

I really related to Bill. Partly because I was homeless myself decades ago and could relate to his struggles.

But I also related to Bill because he achieved the status of being a handful of the world's billionaires – something I'm ready to achieve next.

In this amazing interview Bill and I discuss

  • How to go from poverty to success
  • The three steps to change any person – no matter what
  • The exercise to turn failure into success
  • How facts are not as important as perception
  • How to see opportunity in the midst of chaos
  • Why Bill rented jets to take his employees on vacation
  • The three essentials to success in business

There's more, of course.

Bill talks about his mission to help teenagers, to help businesses succeed, and more.

Bill is sincere. He's been around the block, chased up trees, and struggled to make it.

But he did it.

His insights, life lessons, and secrets will help you, too.

This interview is gold. And you'll get free instant access as soon as you say yes to Wealth Trigger 360.

BONUS: "What are the Universal Laws That Can Help You Have It All?" Discover the Real Purpose for Money in this Rare Interview with the Man Who Inspired Oprah

When I was struggling in the late 70's and early 80's, one of the things that pulled me up and gave me hope and direction was Arnold Patent's best-selling book, You Can Have It All.

Oprah made a big deal of the book. So did national magazines. So did book buyers, who made it a bestseller.

While the book inspired me, it also confused me. I wasn't ready for it at the time.

That's why it's an honor and a treat, a special moment for me to be able to publicly thank him for his book and his mentorship.

Arnold Patent was an attorney and businessman for 25 years.

His core beliefs never meshed well with the contention inherent in practicing law, and this disconnect helped launch him on a spiritual and personal development journey that has changed many lives.

Arnold is today in his eighties but still writing and teaching. I was lucky to find him and even luckier to get this interview with him

You'll discover:

You'll discover:

  • What can understanding the natural state of the Universe do for you?
  • How do your thoughts and feelings combine to become remarkably powerful?
  • What are the principles that run the Universe?
  • Why you must get really honest about your current reality, right now?
  • What is the true, sole purpose of money?
  • Who is the perfect coach for you, and how will you recognize this person?
  • What can you do to utterly transform your experience of paying monthly bills?
  • How can you use the Mirror Principle to change your life?
  • What's the one thing you must do to end the cycle of creating what you don't want in your life?

You'll love this interview with Arnold. He said some wise and in-depth things about life and business.

His thoughts about the only purpose for money will make you stop and think.

Yours to have when you sign up today.


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